Marty Edwards must always be on his best behaviour. That’s because he has Kenny Rogers’ reputation to uphold. One look at him and you’ll understand why.

The white-bearded Edwards often gets mistaken for the legendary country singer. And, he doesn’t just look like Rogers, he sounds like him, too… which explains why his tribute show has been so successful for the past 16 years. Once, after a female fan politely asked him if he was Kenny Rogers… she turned to her friend and said “He says he’s not… but I know he really is!”

“I see myself as a Kenny Rogers ambassador, and I feel blessed to be able to sing his songs,” Edwards said during our interview earlier this month. “I use music as an vehicle to transport people back to relive fond memories of the past… back to their first love and all the good stuff.” Edwards can’t help but revitalize people’s passion for Kenny Rogers by performing all your favourite hits such as She Believes in Me, Lady, Islands in the Stream, and Ruby and Don’t Take Your Love to Town.

Ironically, for a man who’s constantly in the limelight, Edwards is a shy guy. He’s had to work very hard to tame his stage fright. It all started in the United Kingdom when he was eight years old. His mother, a British diplomat, used to sing and play piano on the radio, and she loved hauling “Martin” out to perform The Desert Song in front of her friends at home. Despite that uncomfortable experience, Edwards eventually got into music after moving to Canada in 1954. He started playing in a number of bands spanning the 1960s to 1980s, from country to rock, and even a 14-piece horn band.

One day a producer asked him if he ever thought about doing a Kenny Rogers tribute show. He hadn’t. But after reading about a two-year-old child who died after being abused, he and his wife organized a benefit concert to raise money for abused children. During the concert, he decided to perform some Kenny Rogers songs, which prompted fans to ask him to do it again next year. That’s when the tribute show was born.

Edwards met the real Kenny Rogers in Billings, Montana where he was doing a tribute show. Rogers was also doing a show and invited Edwards backstage after his performance. Just before leaving, Rogers told Edwards… “You better not get me into any trouble.”

Almost everywhere he goes, people ask him if he’s Kenny Rogers. He tells them the truth, but even then some people don’t believe him. 

Don't miss Marty Edwards performing as Kenny Rogers who entertains with almost as much charm and charisma as the master… supported by superb impressions of Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Linda Ronstadt with the legendary Gamblers Country Band.